Everything You Need To Know About Crypto Signals

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8 min readDec 19, 2020

Over the years, the cryptocurrency market has taken a very successful route. Starting in 2009 as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, Bitcoin was introduced by the still anonymous and mysterious pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

Priced at around $0.00001 in 2010, a large sum of 10,000 Bitcoins was used to purchase two pizzas. With time, Bitcoin started to garner investors attention worldwide, as it evolved from being a spendable currency to be a valuable investment and asset.

The newfound adoption and acceptance of Bitcoin paved the way for newer alternatives that improved the ongoing infrastructure and mechanisms of how things worked. Namecoin, Litecoin, and Swiftcoin were some of the few alternative cryptocurrencies launched due to Bitcoin’s surge in the market.

The surge of alternatives to bitcoins and Bitcoin’s growth invited the attention of investors looking to cash in on the myriad of opportunities that were readily available in the market.

With hungry investors looking to diversify their portfolios, this asset’s adoption was soaring to new heights. Today, Bitcoin is projected to cross $20,000 in value.

Interestingly, this surge in interest will continue to grow thanks to traders and investors actively helping the ecosystem grow. Although trading might not be as easy as it may seem, it requires a lot of knowledge, experience, patience, and robust infrastructure.

When it comes to crypto trading, knowledge, market experience, and courage are prerequisites to starting and surviving in the crypto trading market since the market is a highly volatile and unpredictable medium.

Interestingly, another way has been tested that is useful for people who don’t have much experience in trading called crypto trading signals. Trading is built on the foundation of many demands, such as resources, budget, knowledge, and skill. And crypto trading signals provide an avenue to people that can’t keep up with most of its demands.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the influence and impact of Crypto signals as well as everything you need to know about Crypto trading signals.

What are Crypto Signals

Crypto signals are instructions provided by professional people or a team of skilled personnel that analyze movements, directions, trends, and factors of the market with different sophisticated tools and statistical models.

These instructions include the specifics of their research, what cryptocurrencies to buy, the best price to buy at, the sell-targets, and in the end, the level to set stop loss. A Crypto signal is established on the necessary perquisites of executing a successful trade, so you don’t have to go through the hassles of analyzing the market and making decisions on your own.

Crypto trading signals are given to the clients with a clear set of instructions with stop-loss and take-profit, telling the amount they could lose or gain. Let’s suppose you purchase cryptocurrencies worth $9,670; if the trade is successful in the nearest future, you could generate a profit of $1,470 (total of $11,140), which is a good profit. On the other hand, if the trade fails, the stop-loss value calculates that you will have $9,000. So, if you pay attention, you will notice that you will only lose $670; you will sell the crypto when you see the price dropping to keep your loss as minimum as possible.

Therefore, Crypto trading signals maximize your chances of profits while mitigating the impact of potential losses. After discussing crypto signals, let’s go a bit further to learn how they work.

How Crypto Signal Work / Key elements?

It is very crucial to comprehend the whole process of crypto signals or, in other words, how crypto trading signals actually work. To understand the mechanics of crypto trading signals, we need to understand trading elements. Trading elements play a crucial role in helping you decide whether a signal is worth it or not. It goes without saying that these signals can’t help you in generating profits every time.

Action — buy or sell

As the heading states, the first part is to look at the signal’s action. You have the only binary choice, which means two options; either sell crypto or buy it. The major decision in this area is to make sure that you trust this signal.

What currency to use?

The next part after seeing the action is to choose which currency is mentioned in the signal. You will have to select that specific coin on the trading platform; for example, it could be Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any Altcoin. If you make a mistake, then you could end up in big trouble.

The price

After choosing the currency, the next step is to pay attention to the price. The providers usually offer a spectrum of prices such as the current price, a higher price, and a lower price according to the market. The market is quick-paced, and it is crucial that you find the lowest price and take action quickly to increase your chances of making a profit, or you could lose the opportunity because the market is unpredictable and volatile.

Contrarily, it varies on the retailer, but sometimes they may offer you the price list based on the trading platforms or brokers. These prices have a minor difference and can provide better opportunities if possible, but, in any case, don’t take too long to take action.

The market is infamous for its volatile and unpredictable nature; therefore, what may work now won’t work later, and If you end up in such a scenario, be sure to cease it as a little profit is better than making none at all.

Take-profit & Stop-loss

This is where trust is of the utmost importance. Your profits are dependent on how right your crypto trading signals provider is at generating profits and mitigating risks. When you get these two indicators (don’t worry, every provider offers them), enter them in the trading platform you use, and the process will automate.

Essentially, this is an automation process; the take-profit value indicates to close the deal when the profit threshold is reached, and the stop-loss value is there to make sure you don’t end up losing all your funds; this makes sure that you could at least sell the currency at a little profit instead of losing your assets.

The automation process is so great that it doesn’t require user interaction, hence, saving time for you while generating profit at the same time.

Additional information

This step includes additional information regarding the signals. In this section, you could be getting a range of data (based on the provider), the time to close the trade and wait for another signal, the explanation of the signals, the perfect strategy, and the analysis results, which are good to have.

Do bear in mind that this additional information depends from provider to provider and is not strictly essential. But these are good if are want to grasp every bit of information about the market condition.

Based on these elements, let’s imagine a scenario where you get a crypto signal from the provider. The first thing in that signal would be an action such as BUY followed by the tokenX. Then tokenX pricing in the BTC & dollar and the indicator values; stop-loss: Val0, take-profit: Val1.

Interestingly, based on this information, you can buy the TokenX at a price mentioned and then input the indicator values at an exchange. Then, the wait begins if the Val1 is reached you will get Profit1. In case of loss, your Val0 will be triggered.

Now we understand how crypto trading signals work. Let’s see how the experts manage to generate signals.

How Experts Find or generate Crypto Signals

As mentioned earlier, crypto trading is a complex and demanding process that requires resources and experience, and without them, you are bound to lose; hence Crypto trading signal providers are necessary to work around the demands of getting into the ecosystem. Even the experienced traders use their signals because it saves them the time to analyze market conditions personally.

Signal providers have sharp technical analysis skills, and they analyze the historical price action of a token. Moreover, traders use various indicators and tools to predict future trends and find possible opportunities.

Let’s take a look at an example of how the experts generate crypto signals.

By applying a spectrum of indicators on a chart, traders can develop results that allow them to form technical analysis that generates trading signals. The process is complex, and the resulting signal informs the user at what price to execute the trade and the chances of profits and losses.

So, now that you understand how experts generate crypto trading signals. Let’s help you find the right crypto signals provider.

How to Find Good Crypto Signals Provider

Crypto trading signals providers are usually present on telegram, and you can join their channel for free or after payment, depending on the provider and the service. Free signals are good for making small profits; however, the premium one comprises the best chances of gaining consistent capital. Based on your current condition, you can choose either by getting in touch with the signal provider. But before choosing a signal provider, it is essential to look for the following features:

  • They should be offering you the latest stories
  • They should notify you with every update
  • They should provide you technical analysis
  • They should offer automated trading

These are some of the crucial features you should keep in mind while searching for a crypto signal provider. A notable crypto trading signal provider that fulfills the criteria is MyCryptoParadise. Their crypto trading signals are based on hours of research, in-depth analysis, and critical strategies. They offer everything listed above and much more, all under a single platform.

Now that you know how to find the right crypto signals provider. Let’s see how to use crypto signals.

How to Use Crypto Signals?

To use crypto signals correctly, you need to understand how crypto signals operate. Each provider has its operations, but generally, they contain the same information. The first line includes the action followed by the name of the coin. Additionally, the second line has the current price of the token with BTC and dollar. While the last part contains the target at which the user should sell the coin to make profits. Based on that information, you set up a deal on the exchange and wait for the results.

Pay close attention to the chart below, which shows some of the results from MyCryptoParadise.

The chart illustrates the recent and successful signals of MCP. Let’s try to grasp the details in the map by taking a quick look. The first line contains the pair AE/BTC, which shows the pair to choose, then it is followed by the buy rate at which it should be bought. Then, four targets indicate the values to close profitable deals, which are further followed by the stop-loss value to sell the token to mitigate loss. The last two values show the final profit/loss percentages and the duration of the deal.

Are Free Crypto Signals Reliable?

Yes, they are reliable and you can make a good deal of profits without having to pay a single penny. However, they could be a scam which is a downside but it can be avoided by going through the criteria we have listed earlier.


Although trading is a complex process, it is made easier by trading signal providers, making them the perfect choice for any novice trader or even the experienced ones. Trading signals are the best way for anyone who wants to profit in crypto trading with minimal knowledge and resources. Moreover, this also saves them the trouble of watching the charts all day long. All of these fantastic benefits are offered by MyCryptoParadise; interestingly, they also provide a free option and a premium option that makes them optimal for everyone.